Doja Cat Walks Out of Instagram Live After Getting Roasted Over Her Hairline

The ‘Mooo!’ songstress takes off her wig and points out her visible tan line on the edge of her hairline, but she seems to get upset after reading people’s comments.

AceShowbizDoja Cat walked out of her own Instagram Live after her followers appeared to mock her over her hairline. In the video which has circulated online, the 24-year-old singer took off her wig, showing what appeared to be a tan line on the edge of her hairline.

Going makeup free and rocking her natural hair which was styled into a high bun, the “Juicy” singer was pointing out the tan line, possibly after some people mentioned about it in the comments. She noted how people have often come after her and then got silent while reading more comments, before appearing to have had enough of it and walking away from the camera.

That, however, didn’t stop other Instagram users from further mocking her. “It’s a tan line but it’s looks like she has no edges,” one commented on the video which has been reposted online. Another added, “This chick has a hairline like Stephen A.”

One other took a jab as writing, “Black girls want white people hair wack asf.” Someone else claimed that Doja didn’t take enough care of her natural hair, “No she didnt properly take the time and right ingredients to take it off correctly.”

A few others pointed out how she looks different without makeup and wig. “Makeup and wigs do wonders!!” read one of the comments. Another added, “She looks so different without makeup.”

Some others, however, sympathized with her. “Thats from all that lace s**t, reason why I took a break from having that s**t stuck all round my edges and forehead,” one shared her similar experience. Another shared some advice, “Listen you gotta take care of your hair and protect the edges under those wigs avoid gluing it down all the time.” Another user similarly commented, “It’s a fan (sic) line… go without the wigs for a bit and it’ll be okay.”

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