Disney Movies Trend on Twitter After Someone Asked Which Movie Has Worst Soundtrack

You might notice that some of the top trends on Twitter right now are the titles of Disney movies and it all has to do with one tweet.

Twitter user @iambrattyb launched a poll on late Friday night (November 13) and said, “one soundtrack has to go.”

Four Disney movies were included in the poll: Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, and Hercules. At the time of this posting, over 200,000 votes have been cast and Lilo and Stitch has the most votes with 45.5%.

“there is one very clear answer yall better not disappoint..” the Twitter user wrote in response to the original tweet.

Lilo and Stitch is the only one of the four movies that is not known for its original music. This movie heavily features the music of Elvis Presley while the other films are known for original songs like “A Whole New World,” “Reflection,” and “Go the Distance.”

Lilo and Stitch does feature the original songs “He Mele No Lilo” and “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride,” though the lyrics are in Hawaiian. People on Twitter wants haters to admit they just can’t sing along to the lyrics!

There was actually some huge Lilo and Stitch news on Friday.

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