Dianne Buswell: Strictly star Dev fires back at pro’s ‘dance knowledge’ amid criticism

Dianne Buswell, 30, and Dev Griffin, 34, have been busy rehearsing ahead of the first Strictly Come Dancing 2019 live show. Although the pair seem to be getting along well, they didn’t shy away from getting involved in some cheeky banter as Dev teased the professional ballroom and Latin performer about her “dance knowledge”. The cheeky comment was made when Dianne made an appearance on Dev and his co-star Alice Levine’s, 33, BBC Radio One show last week. Joe Sugg’s girlfriend took part in a game of Show Offs on air, which involves a series of questions based on the player’s expertise in a certain area.

I’d brush up on some of your dancing knowledge if I were you Dianne.

Dianne Buswell

As a result, Dianne was quizzed on everything related to dance.

However, the Strictly favourite seemed to struggle in the game as she failed to get many answers correct.

Reflecting on her results in the quiz, her celebrity partner mischievously said: “A good performance, but I’d brush up on some of your dancing knowledge if I were you Dianne.”

Fortunately, Dianne seemed to see the funny side of her poor performance in the game as she sighed: “I know,” in response.

Dev’s dig at the Australian dancer comes after she spoke out about his “bad habits” during rehearsals on the radio show.

The criticism took place when Alice quizzed Dianne on Dev’s dancing progress, while he left the room and was out of earshot.

Detailing the TV and radio personality’s faults, she said: “Bad habits… he eats a lot of cake, that’s not too bad.

“His legs are so long,” she added. “That could be good… but it could be a bad habit, he should’ve had a longer torso and shorter legs.”

Alice then asked Dianne if he had been time keeping, to which she replied: “Oh my goodness, he’s been late.

“I wasn’t going to say it this week, but as of next week, he can’t be coming late.”

Alice then asked the pro which dance she thinks Dev could struggle with in the competition.

“I think ballroom, he’ll find [it] harder than the Latin,” Dianne admitted.

“He’ll be rubbish, you can say it,” Alice light-heartedly replied.

“Yeah,” Dianne agreed while laughing.

“There’s no elegance, he’s a very in-elegant man,”(sic) Alice added.

“He’s not the most elegant of men that I have met,” Dianne agreed, adding: “But I feel like he’s a really hard worker.”

The Strictly Come Dancing 2019 live shows start Saturday September 21.

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