Dancehall Icon Beenie Man Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing at Mother’s Funeral

The Jamaican artist is reportedly hospitalized after footage surfaces showing him fainting and being lifted by several people while gathering at his mother’s gravesite.

AceShowbiz -The death of a loved one has apparently taken its toll on Beenie Man physically and emotionally. The dancehall icon, who is still grieving over his mother Lilieth Sewell’s passing, fainted during his mother’s funeral service over the weekend.

On Sunday, October 25, the 47-year-old artist along with other members of his family and close friends gathered in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica for his mother’s funeral ceremony. Sources tell Urban Islandz that Beenie, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, was visibly emotional during the entire funeral proceedings and was overcome with grieve as they gathered at the gravesite to say their final words.

In a video which has circulated online, Beenie looked distraught as he was being surrounded by a group of men who tried to comfort him before he collapsed. He was subsequently lifted by several people and was reportedly taken to a local hospital.

As of Monday, October 26, sources say Beenie has been released from the hospital and is now resting at home. A family source tells the site, “He was exhausted and obviously emotional but we thank everyone who supported him during this ordeal he is feeling better now.”

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“Moses and his mom were very close,” the source adds. “This is a man who loved his mother more than anything in this world so it’s very painful for him and painful for us to see him in so much pain, but God will get him through this.”

Social media users have been sending their prayers to the “Who Am I” hitmaker, with one posting on Twitter, “The video of Beenie Man fainting at his mother’s funeral shouldn’t have made it onto the internet, tbh. What a world, father God! Praying for him and the family.”

Another agreed, adding, “Gosh, I hadn’t seen this. You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, social media has eradicated boundaries. Nobody thinks, ‘Would I want this footage of me out there?’ before filming in the first place or before pressing ‘send’.”

Beenie’s mother was hospitalized at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) after suffering a stroke back in July. After being released from the hospital, her health took a turn for the worst in September and she passed away at the age of 63.

Beenie had been honoring his mother prior to his passing. He recently announced that he’s funding the creation of a community center in Waterhouse, where he grew up. The community center will be named after his late mother and grandfather.

“It was a very emotional and nostalgic journey going back to the community and home that bred a spectacular man today,” he said of revisiting the place of his childhood. “The love and support that was brought out today is nothing short of love and unity within the community.”

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