DaBaby’s Baby Mama Trolled for Saying She Misses Him After Accusing Him of Cheating

When asked by one of her Instagram followers during a Q’n’A session, ‘Do you miss dababy? Y’all was beautiful together,’ Meme answers, ‘Miss him? Dats me.’

AceShowbizDaBaby‘s baby mama Meme is having a change of heart, though many people think it might be too late to even have that. The entrepreneur is getting trolled after she admitted during a quick Q&A session on Instagram that she is missing the “Suge” rapper.

In response to someone who asked, “Do you miss dababy? Y’all was beautiful together!” she wrote on Instagram Stories, “Miss him? Dats me.” Her answer naturally left many people baffled considering that just a few days ago, she accused him of cheating on her and knocking up her side chick. Thus, people were quick to ridicule her.

“So Why Go On Instagram Making Such A Scene? Should’ve Kept That S**t to Yourself,” one wrote in the comment section of an article about her post. “Did all that s**t . Just to be back under him. Bird s**t,” another said. “She literally exposed their business for no reason. Don’t be mad when people call you a (clown emoji). Idk why celebrities and their associates do this s**t,” one other noted.

Someone else said, “So wat was all the hooping and hollering about smh,” while an individual gave her an advice, “Girl next time just let that mean cheat in peace . We don’t want to hear it.” There was also one who was baffled, “Omg what are you doing ? Females like you setting the rest of females back 10 years lol you gotta do better.”

Earlier this month, Meme and DaBaby had a back-and-forth on social media after she accused him of impregnating his side chick. While the latter admitted he does have a baby on the way, he insisted that his unborn baby was conceived when the two weren’t together. “We wasn’t together at the time so don’t be fooled,” he said. “The information that y’all was given today was information that has been out there. It was just kept off the Internet as it should have been.”

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