Cindy Adams: The Sussexes ‘might get shipped to Africa as their semi-permanent home’

As I continue to say, the plan for the Duchess of Sussex is already in place. It’s been in place for almost a year, and many people have already begun to initiate the plan. The plan is Send Meghan Away. The plan is Get Her Out Of The Country. The press, the royal family, the aristocracy and the royal courtiers are all trying to bully, demean and denigrate Meghan into leaving the UK. They would prefer if she divorces Harry and goes back to America – that would suit their narrative quite well. But if that doesn’t work, they’re hoping to make her presence in England so toxic that the only other option is “sending her off” somewhere in an official capacity, to live for several years.

I’m not saying that is what Meghan and Harry want or see for themselves. I’m saying that this is the plan that appeared months and months ago, when Meghan was pregnant and suddenly Prince William and his courtiers were hatching a scheme to exile the Sussexes in Africa. William didn’t want to send them to Canada or Australia because they would still overshadow him there. So William – with a lot of help from the courtiers – thinks it would be better to send the Windsors’ first biracial duchess to Africa. Why are we still discussing this mess? Because it’s still in the air, and obviously, the Bully Meghan Out Of The Country plan is still in effect. Page Six’s gossip columnist Cindy Adams had this curious and awful piece:

Harry and Meghan are not liked. But treated like rock stars. The following’s from one with ears to Europe’s royalty, who has poured such juice before and not proven wrong. Lacking independent connection to London’s kings, queens or those who make aces of themselves, and minus Her Majesty’s personal cell number, I now report what’s reported to me.

Prince Harry and Mrs. Harry might get shipped to Africa as their semi-permanent home. Not because he mumbles he feels most happy and comfortable there and it’s his favorite place — as if the bush beats Bond Street. But recall history. The ’30s. The abdicated Duke of Windsor’s divorced American duchess who was a pain in the realm? They got bounced to the far-away Bahamas because they shook Buckingham. Too much stress. Press. Distress. Same here. Now. Is what I’m hearing.

There is the Harry and brother William problem. ‘Tis mumbled it’s all become a bit heavy for not-so-swift Harry. His onetime drama queen missus creates drama. Wanted to give birth at home, not in the as-always assigned hospital. No immediate photos of baby Archie as is palace routine. Not cutesy cozy with others of Buckingham’s high-class upper class, thus shoving far off to Frogmore. Used to spotlight, the wife’s not doing great playing a main attraction at the palace.

Members of Princess Diana’s former household staff see everything, know everything — tell everything. The Africa assignment, they say, could be “interesting.” Stories keep coming. Like disliked is the new wife. Like Harry’s not thrilled with her lavish spending on designer clothes. Like his old-time, longtime buds do not adore Meghan. Like, forgetting all the p.r. hoo-ha, the whisper is banishment to Africa — where she becomes an extra, not a leading lady — could do them in.

[From Page Six]

While Cindy Adams is an a–hole with all kinds of agendas, I don’t doubt that her “sources” are saying all of this. An American Twitter friend traveling in England a few months back said something similar, that there was a buzz among the upper crust and well-connected that Meghan is not well-liked and that they think she’ll divorce Harry at some point very soon. That’s how they justify bullying her and smearing her, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – they believe she’ll get bored and get tired of the smears, so they continue to smear her until she’s tired of it. So, yeah, I believe that there is a plan to exile Meghan and Harry. Whether they’ll agree to it… who knows.

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