Brenda Fricker, The Pigeon Lady From ‘Home Alone 2′, Reveals She Spends Christmas & New Year’s Alone

Brenda Fricker is opening up about what she does for the holidays.

Years after she starred as Pigeon Lady in Home Alone 2, the now 75-year-old Irish actress opened up in a rare interview about her plans for the holiday season, and revealed she actually spends them alone.

“I’m 75 now, and I would be lying if I said it would be a nice and happy Christmas because I’m old and I live alone, ” Brenda shared during an appearance on Ray D’Arcy’s Radio 1 Show. “It can be very dark.”

She adds, “I turn the phone off and put the blinds down. I do pre-record some good programs and I have my dog and I get myself through it that way…I don’t want to be sounding kind of negative but it is a different kind of Christmas, that’s all.”

Brenda also revealed that while she doesn’t “Christmas all that difficult, what I do find difficult is New Year’s Eve.”

She also spoke a bit about if she keeps in touch with Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin the Home Alone franchise.

“No I don’t [hear from Macaulay],” she admitted. “I worry about him but I’m not in touch with him.”

Brenda‘s role in Home Alone 2 was re-popularized over the weekend, as Kristen Wiig portrayed the role in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Brenda picked up the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1990 for her role in My Left Foot, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis.

Find out where it sits in her home here:

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