Bradley Cooper Breaks Down The Dos & Don’ts for Pennsylvania Voters

Bradley Cooper is doing his part to help his fellow Pennsylvania natives out with the upcoming election in November.

The 45-year-old actor teamed up with Now This News and breaks down how citizens can check it they’re registered to vote, what to bring to the voting station, how to vote by mail and more.

The deadline to register online in Pennsylvania is Monday, October 19, and Bradley says that “it takes less than five minutes.”

Bradley also talked about the naked ballot debacle, which caused an uproar online late last month.

“If you skip the first step and just use the return envelope, your ballot will be considered a ‘naked ballot,’” he shared about it. “One of the most common mistakes people make is not signing their mail-in ballot.”

Watch Bradley‘s full PSA about voting in Pennsylvania below:

Musician Frank Ocean is also making sure US citizens have all the resources they need in order to vote. See what he did here…

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