Bella Thorne Reveals She Found Who She Really Was When She Stopping Hiding

Bella Thorne is all smiles while arriving for an interview in New York City on Friday morning (June 14).

The 22-year-old actress is out promoting her new book, ““The Life of a Wannabe Mogul” at SiriusXM radio.

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During a recent interview, Bella opened up about how she’s staying true to her self lately and it’s all about not wearing a mask and hiding with her fans.

“I stopped lying. I stopped lying and I stopped hiding,” Bella shared. “I even hid in the smallest ways, like wearing makeup all the time because my skin was so bad. Then, I just stopped giving a f***.”

She added that she “had to get past the insecurity of what people were really wondering about me. I had to put down the mask. If I didn’t put down the mask in every aspect of my life then I would still be putting the mask up — even if I tried to bring it down. I had to bring it all the way down, which, unfortunately, can get me into trouble a lot of the time.”

FYI: Bella wore a Chanel top and vintage Levi’s jeans.

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