Bella Hadid Slams 'Loser' Lil Pump Over His Donald Trump Endorsement & Rally Appearance!

We heard Donald Trump was thirsting for some BIG celebrity endorsements for his presidential re-election — but we didn’t think D-list rapper Lil Pump was anywhere near his shortlist.

Nevertheless, the Miami native joined several other problematic celebs who came out in support of the Republican nominee this week. Lil Pump took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of himself wearing the infamous red MAGA hat and praising the idea of four more years with Trump as our nation’s leader.


See it (below):

Sigh. We think all 17.1 million of his followers could’ve done without that post! And Miz Bella Hadid felt the exact same way when it crossed her feed, prompting her to slam the artist on her own massive IG platform.

Taking to Instagram Story, the supermodel re-shared the icky post and wrote:

“This is so irresponsible. This kid is a loser. Anywys I’m going to Mars, You guys want anything?”

Couldn’t have said it any better, gurl! We love that she highlighted this on Election Day, too. Hopefully any last-minute voters saw that, and thought twice about who to cast their vote for!

Although some of the people in Pump’s shot (above) appear to be dressed in Halloween costumes, there’s nothing pretend about the artist’s (born Gazzy Garcia) very real admiration for DJT.

The thing is, Lil Pump attended Donald’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday night and the President thanked him by inviting the artist up on stage!

Trying to compete with Lady GaGa‘s recent appearance at Joe Biden‘s rally, are we?

It’s just too bad (read: hilariously sad) that POTUS couldn’t even remember his famous guest’s name!

While attempting to introduce him, Trump said:

“I love your sound. I love your music. And speaking of sounds, music, and other things — one of the big superstars of the world — Little Pimp. There he is. How is it going? You wanna come up and say something? Come on, Little Pump.”

Wait. Little pimp?!

Now, that’s just sad. But still, the 20-year-old happily obliged and addressed the crowd with a special message:

“Hello, everybody. How you guys feeling? I come here to say, Mr. President, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country. You brought the troops home and you’re doing the right thing. MAGA 20, 20, 20. Don’t forget that.”

Except, we’re not doing the right thing by keeping someone in office who has failed this country in every way possible over the last four years, and especially amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Do NOT be fooled by this bulls**t!

You can laugh (and cringe) your way through video proof of the whole thing (below):

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