Anuel AA Says He's Spent $2 Million on Cars

Anuel AA has had a lot of financial success in the last few years. The Puerto Rican musician released his debut album, Real Hasta la Muerte, in 2018 (the day he was released from prison), and since then, he’s reached #1 on the Billboard charts and had the chance to buy things he never dreamed of. The rapper recently chatted with Men’s Health about financial regrets, the best advice he’s ever received and how he approaches money.

Before his album dropped, Anuel was performing in clubs for $1,000 per show working his way up in the music scene. After he made the big time (and signing a $4 million deal with Kobalt), he began to work concerts for $500,000 a pop, giving way to one of his biggest shopping addictions: watches.

“When I started to get all that money,” he says, “I started to buy a lot of watches. I bought 6 to 7 watches, the rainbow Rolex… In a year, I had spent $3.3 million just on the watches.” Now this would be a smart investment, but Anuel says that he didn’t realize that the quality of the material was just as important as the diamonds encrusted on the watch, which can then lower the value of the accessory entirely.

To that he says this: “With watches—if you know how to pick the right watch, you ain’t losing money.”

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Anuel also has an affinity for cars, buying two Rolls Royces in the past two years, and changing the color of a Lamborghini on a whim. But with cars came the advice he was given by fellow reggaeton artists: “They told me, ‘Don’t get excited with the cars!’” he says. “You buy a car for $500,000, and all of a sudden, the next year, you’re going to get back $300,000 for the car. So don’t do that.”

If you ask Anuel’s wife what his shopping addiction is, she might have a different answer, as she often tells him to not buy so many clothes. “My wife tells me, ‘Yo. Get rid of that. You don’t even use it,’” he says. But he has a reason for obsessive shopping. “I gotta do it because it’s my image though! It’s my job!”

Is there a mantra Anuel likes to use when approaching how to spend money? Yes, and it’s actually relatively simple. “My mantra when it comes to money is always remember that money doesn’t make you,” he says. “You make the money.”

Wise words, indeed.

Anuel AA’s new album, Emmanuel, is out and available to stream now. You can listen right here.

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