Anna Straker 'focuses on the positives' as she writes song about sex assault

Anna Straker has urged fans to dwell on the good times to get through the bad after bravely penning a song about surviving a sexual assault in Thailand.

The singer, 23, was drugged at a Bangkok club in November, and woke up to discover she had been taken advantage of.

Keeping a positive frame of mind following the ordeal, the singer-songwriter believes all knocks can be overcome with positive thoughts… and music.

She has posed nude to mark the soul-baring duet with Gabrielle Aplin, who had a Christmas No.1 in 2012 with The Power Of Love. Straker said: ‘I wrote Good Days Bad Days during the recovery from my sexual assault. It is a kind of positive affirmation to help centre and ground yourself on days when your mental health gets the better of you.’

The former backing singer for Rudimental, John Newman and Years & Years also showed strong self-belief by bouncing back from being unemployed.

‘I want to remind people of their best moments to help them through their worst,’ she said.

‘I recorded the vocal for this on the day I was fired from my job! I want this EP to showcase the issues surrounding mental health with honesty and sincerity, as I know so many people that suffer. I hope it helps to know that we all experience these “growing pains”.’

In the aftermath of the attack, she posted online: ‘We can use the power of conversation to raise awareness about safety in nightclubs and bars, and try to erase the taboo of talking about sexual violence and how it affects our mental health. You never think it will happen to you or your friends, until it does.’

Drizzy: Bieber’s a Party trouper

Justin Bieber re-enacted his ‘anxiety riddled’ past in a video for Drake and DJ Khaled’s duet Popstar.

The former wild child downs booze, wakes up surrounded by women and even sings his ex Selena Gomez’s name. Sharing out-takes from the shoot, the devout Christian, 26, told fans he had learned from his mistakes.

‘I have always been able to express myself… in happy times and sad,’ the Sorry singer said.

He agreed to live it up one last time as Drake was stuck in homeland Canada for the shoot.

In the vid, Drizzy, 33, tells Khaled: ‘I can’t do a video. I’m gonna have to call in a favour.’ He then phones Biebs and asks him to step in.

Riding with Foals left us all at Sea…

Sea Girls say fame is a minefield after Foals left them spewing drunk — and they claim Ed Sheeran is their musical bogeyman.

The Open Up Your Head rockers hit the road with idols the Foals to tour Ukraine and Russia, but say they ended up in the gutter.

‘They gave us a bottle of whisky on the last day. It was the most amount of throwing up we did as a band,’ frontman Henry Camamile told Guilty Pleasures.

And new dad Ed, 29, keeps jinxing the band, added Henry. ‘We were recording our first EP and got booted out of the studio because he needed it last minute, so he has indirectly impacted our career. But I’m sure it’s all peace and love.’

Cardi: Live show is WAP I want

Cardi B wants to perform X-rated track WAP live to fans after unusually prudish Russell Brand dubbed her video ‘porn’.

The rapper’s single went to No.1 in the UK and US and she’d love to perform it at concerts and festivals. Cardi, 27, who slides around with Megan Thee Stallion in the sex-fuelled track, posted: ‘I wanna perform WAP so bad with a lot a** crowd. I would of went crazy (sic).’

Despite its success, WAP attracted criticism, with Brand, 45, questioning if it was a ‘feminist masterpiece or porn’.

£5m splurge on West Wing dream

The odds are stacked against him after missing polling deadlines and campaign meltdowns — but that hasn’t stopped Kanye West from pouring £5million into his bid to become the next US president.

The rapper, 43, wants to oust Donald Trump from the White House and has spent the eye-watering sum on consultancy and campaign fees, reports the Federal Election Commission.

He’s also loaned his campaign more than $6.7million, with the only other source of income being small donations from fans.

I was in bed a Lott in lockdown

It’s six years since she last released an album but Pixie Lott refused to let lockdown stifle her creativity — so recorded new tracks at home.

The Voice Kids judge, 29, whose wedding to model Oliver Cheshire has also been delayed by the virus, told fans: ‘It is the music I’ve always wanted to do.’

The Mama Do singer, who is working with producers in LA on tracks, added: ‘I recorded vocals from my bedroom and sent them over there. To finish it, we are going to work remotely with me here (in the UK) and them there.’

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