Alan Titchmarsh says the secret to his happy 45-year relationship is a cuppa

Alan Titchmarsh says the secret to his happy 45-year relationship is a nice cuppa.

TV gardener Alan has been married to Alison, who he met in the 70s, for almost five decades.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this week, Alan said: “Romance is about being thoughtful.

"I have made Alison tea for 45 years – but mind you, she’s ironed my shirts every week for 44 years, which is the greater gift.”

Looking ahead to his wedding anniversary later in the year he added: “We celebrate our anniversary in July, but we've been married so long that she doesn't go in for expensive jewellery – and although this year is sapphire, I know I’ll be discouraged from buying one."

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He continued: “Last year I looked it up, and the 44th anniversary was groceries – so I took her to Marks & Spencer, and she was happy as Larry!

“I’m a lucky man, because she’s the most unmaterialistic person I know,” he told Yours magazine.

Father-of-two Alan also said his grandchildren were starting to realise he was a TV star.

He said: “The seven-year-old, came up to me and said curiously, ‘Grandpa – you’re Alan Titchmarsh, aren't you?’ That was marvellous.”

Alan once told how he and his wife, a doctor, lived when they were both young and short of money.

He said: “We never went out for dinner, we couldn't afford it. We used to save 25p a week with our butcher so we could be sure of a Christmas joint. We would try to avoid the milkman when he wanted paying.”

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