Adele Flaunts 100 POUND Weight Loss In New Pic! Should Fans Be Concerned?

Few artists elicit such feelings of personal connection and mutual understanding as Adele.

In other words, when Adele hurts, her fans hurt.

This bond comes in handy when she’s belting out a breakup ballad with lyrics that seem like they were torn from the listeners’ diary.

But at other times, it can lead to unwelcome intrusions into the singer’s personal life.

When Adele got divorced from Simon Konecki, for example, her fans hurled insults and abuse at him thinking they were protecting their queen.

But she didn’t seem to harbor any antipathy toward her ex, and she probably wasn’t thrilled to see such vitriol directed at the father of her child.

The other big non-music-related Adele story of the past year involved the 32-year-old’s physique.

As you’ve likely heard, Adele lost some weight recently.

In fact, a recent photo of the hitmaker (above) had some fans declaring her unrecognizable.

Reactions to the image were mixed, with some fans praising Adele for reaching her fitness goals, and others bemoaning a society that pressures women to conform to an arbitrary beauty standard.

Even the reactions to the reaction were complicated, as people who applauded Adele for slimming down were accused of fat-shaming people who still resemble her former self.

So get ready for another round of heated discourse, as Adele has shared another photo of her slender new figure, and some fans believe she’s lost even more weight.

In the pic, Adele is seen enjoying Beyonce’s new visual album Black Is King.

Clearly a fan of the new work — and Beyonce in general — Adele enhanced her viewing experience by donning a matching outfit.

“Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art,” she captioned the photo.

The important thing is, regardless of her weight, everything about Adele seems to radiate health and happiness these days.

But don’t tell that to the concern trolls who fear that she’s losing too much weight too quickly.

UK tabloid the Mirror claims that the mother of one is down “14 stone” (that’s about 98 pounds) from her heaviest point.

That’s a lot of weight, obviously, but if she lost it gradually over the course of several years — which appears to be the case — then there’s probably no cause for concern.

Of great interest to fans, of course, is the method Adele used for sheddig all those pounds.

The Mirror claims to have the answer here, as well.

According to an unidentified insider, Adele has benefited greatly from something called the Sirtfood diet.

The plan encourages dieters to focus on foods known as sirtuin activators, which purportedly change the way the body processes fat and sugar and help to regulate appetite.

We don’t claim to understand the science behind it, but you certainly can’t argue with the results!

As for the concerns for Adele’s emotional well-being, well as much as her music might make us feel otherwise, we can’t claim to know exactly what she’s feeling.

But something tells us she’s doing just fine.

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