The $9 Face Mist That Soothes My Irritated, Blotchy Skin

For those of us who can recite the skin-changing benefits of witch hazel the same way ’90s babies can sing Britney Spears’s greatest hits, this canary yellow packaging may look familiar. It used to be found on the label of a jumbo bottle of Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel — you know, the one you’d have to carefully drip onto a cotton pad if you wanted to use it. But now, the brand has found an easier way to deliver the transformative powers of its products via its Refreshingly Clean Facial Mist ($9), so you can throw those cotton pads away. (Just kidding, that’s wasteful. Use them for other things.)

This no-frills spray — it contains just four ingredients — releases a very fine mist so there are no surprise splashes or blasts to the face. It only takes about three to five seconds to spritz your entire face and neck and see it completely absorb into your skin. It takes another three seconds for you to start feeling an unmatched softness. As someone with very sensitive skin that gets blotchy when irritated, I’ve found that introducing witch hazel calms it down.

“Witch hazel is a natural toner for the skin, calms inflammation, and acts as a natural antiseptic,” said dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, MD. “It’s good for acne-prone skin, and potentially even rosacea as it can, over time, help with redness. This mist contains aloe, which is known to be soothing.”

Mariwalla mentions one caveat, however: “It does contain alcohol, which can strip or throw the skin out of balance, so I would limit use of this spray to two to three times per week.” She also suggests spraying it on if you’re fresh from a workout. “It will disinfect and control oil until you have time to get home and get showered.”

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