Of All the Spot Treatments I've Used, Rael's Invisible Patches Are My Favorite

Of All the Spot Treatments I’ve Used, Rael’s Invisible Patches Are My Favorite

Anyone with acne-prone skin knows that dreaded feeling of a new breakout coming on. I have oily skin and break out quite often, especially around my period. Combating small whiteheads and blackheads is easy, but when I get those large hormonal-cyst blemishes, they make me feel horrible. I’ve tried numerous spot treatments but found that acne sticker patches have been the most effective. I’ve tested a few brands, but my current favorite is the Rael Invisible Spot Dot ($12).

While these patches don’t make my breakouts magically disappear, I have noticed they go away so much faster. I sleep with one on at the first sight of a bump, and sometimes the blemish will be flat the next day with a small dark spot that fades within days. Other times, with more cyst-like blemishes, I’ve found they’ve come to a head and were able to be popped and healed much faster. Either way, these have become my new holy-grail product that I see results with every time I use them.

Especially now that I’m wearing face masks every time I leave the house, these have been great to combat my maskne on my cheeks and chin. Keep reading to check out my before-and-after pictures and shop all the brand’s acne-fighting patches.

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