Lush really isn’t holding back with its Valentine’s Day 2020 collection

Lush’s 2020 Valentines collection is back and better than ever – here are all the details (there’s even a torso-shaped massage bar).

So it seems once Christmas is over and awards season begins, we can really start to dive right into the year ahead. 

That means not only is it time to start planning Easter breaks and summer holidays, but it’s also high time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day.

Sure, if you’re single it’s probably one of the worst days in the calendar, and if you’re happily coupled up it’s likely you already have a romantic night away planned or a dinner booking firmly in place.

However, whether you’re in a relationship or not, there is one thing guaranteed to make the whole idea of the dreaded V-Day (can you tell this is being written by a very single person?) a whole lot better. 

That thing is Lush’s 2020 Valentine’s Day collection. Always a brand that happily aims to please and excite its fans, this year’s limited edition range features not one, but two aubergine emoji-shaped products alongside a cute peach emoji bath bomb and – the pièce de résistance – a torso-shaped massage bar. Because who wouldn’t want that taking pride of place on their bathroom (or maybe bedroom, actually) shelf?

Here’s everything else in the collection too, which is available to buy now online and in-store.

  • Lush Naked Attraction massage bar

    This jasmine-scented torso leaves skin feeling super soft and smelling incredible.

    Naked Attraction massage bar, £8

    Buy now

  • Lush Aubergine bath bomb

    If it’s a steamy purple bath you’re after, this aubergine is the guy to help you create just that.

    Lush Aubergine bath bomb, £4.95

    buy now

  • Lush Aubergine soap

    With zesty bergamot and comforting tonka, this soap is real treat for the senses.

    Lush Aubergine soap, £7

    buy now

  • Lush Love Boat bath bomb

    This limited edition boat, which smells of glorious oranges and lemons, will create a truly technicolour bath complete with glittering hearts.

    Lush Love Boat bath bomb, £4.50

    buy now

  • Lush Love Locket bath bomb

    Strawberry scented and filled with tiny bath bomb hearts, this is the ultimate V-Day treat.

    Lush Love Locket bath bomb, £7.50

    buy now

  • Lush Peachy Soap

    Shaped like everybody’s favourite emoji, this peach soap is (somewhat deceptively) not peach flavoured, instead it has hints of grapefruit and davana.

    Lush Peachy Soap, £7

    buy now

  • Lush Peachy bath bomb

    For the most insta-worthy peachy pink bath, try this.

    Lush Peachy bath bomb, £4.95

    buy now

Images: Lush

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