Euphoria's Barbie Ferreira talks clothes, online shopping and her love of make-up

Euphoria star, model and face of Becca Cosmetics, Barbie Ferreira teaches us how to be bold and unique.

Barbie Ferreira hit the public consciousness in a neon pink bikini, unretouched and looking incredible, for an advertising campaign four years ago.

The image went viral and her career has rocketed since, with the 23-year-old starring in HBO’s Euphoria as Kat and walking the red carpet in a blue latex mini dress. 

Here, chatting exclusively to Stylist from her home in LA, Ferreria shares the lessons behind her standout style.

Lesson one: Be an attention seeker

“I love to wear clothes that catch people’s attention. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an only child, but I wore a lot of costumes growing up – I’d dress up as Snow White for a whole year. I always experimented and was always more extreme than my friends.”  

Lesson two: Embrace being unique

“People used to call me strange, but being insecure about whatever makes you unique is almost a rite of passage as a kid. I owe a lot of what’s happening in my life now to the fact I wasn’t like everybody else.”

Lesson three:Shop like a pro

“I always have a vision of what I want when I go online shopping, then I’ll scroll through Depop, eBay and Instagram. Sometimes I have to get creative because not everything comes in my size, but I know my measurements, I can tell when things are stretchy.” 

Lesson four: Play with make-up

“I love the theatrics of clothes, and make-up elevates that. I express myself through colour. I always do crazy eye looks and I love highlighter – I’ve worn Becca since the beginning of my highlight journey. I used to cake on liquid highlighter and then I would put Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, £30 on top. It just melts into skin and gives a catch-the-light glow. For me, make-up is almost like meditation – when I’m putting it on I’m not thinking of anything else and it feels really good. I usually find a picture or a reference and then do my own version of it.” 

Lesson five: dress with confidence

“You will never pull an outfit off if you worry about what people think. I’ve worn things in the past and in hindsight I’ve been like, ‘Holy shit!’ I used to wear giant overalls that were clearly for a very giant short man, but it wasn’t questioned. When you wear something with confidence, nobody says anything.” 

Barbie Ferreira is the face of Becca Cosmetics

Main image: Becca Cosmetics

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