13 Best Fragrances for Women From Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and More

Whether you’re trying to find your own signature scent or buying perfume for someone else, the fragrance world can be overwhelming. (So. Many. Options.) 

But don’t go settling for that bar-soap-as-fragrance just because there are so many scents out there. In fact, because we are in the golden age of brilliant perfumes, there’s never been a better time to find the perfect potion. 

We’ve rounded up the best fragrances you can buy online now, from refined eau de parfums with woodsy accords to bright and fresh citrus scents. Whatever you choose, spray liberally — life is too short to smell like basic soap all the time. 

Shop ET Style’s favorite fragrances, ahead. 

You look good might as well smell good too!

The sweet-yet-sensual Good Girl from Carolina Herrera is an intoxicating blend of jasmine, cocoa, tonka bean, almond, coffee and tuberose, all wrapped up in a striking stiletto heel bottle.

For the friend whose outfits always leave you in awe, this blend of lavender, orange blossom and musk is the perfect fashion-forward pick. It’s a far cry from your typical powdery and flowery scents, instead creating an air of subtle, cool-girl allure.

Quite possibly the most divisive perfume ever created, you either love Angel or you don’t — there’s really no in between. It’s the epitome of a gourmand fragrance and is meant to remind you of childhood innocence with notes that mimic the scents of cotton candy and chocolates. Wrapped up amidst the jasmine, vanilla, caramel, berries and honey is an accord of patchouli that adds a grown-up edge to all that sweetness.

If you like your fragrances on the earth-friendly side, then you’ll love this surprisingly affordable unisex French import. With sustainable packaging, refillable bottles, natural ingredients and no petrochemicals, it’s the green way to go. Our favorite is this it-shouldn’t-work-but-it-so-does mix of ginger, green tea and jasmine sambac.

This Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette Spray is 56% off retail price, while supplies last.

If there’s one thing J.Lo knows, it’s how to make a great scent. (Her Glow by J.Lo perfume started the celebrity fragrance craze way back in 2002.) Her latest perfume is a little more sophisticated — think notes of tangerine, berries, pear, jasmine sambac, honeysuckle and wood. 

If No. 5 is the essence of Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle is what she would have worn in her younger, more free-spirited years. Top notes of orange keep it fresh, while patchouli and bourbon vanilla give it a warm richness.

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray comes in 1.7 Fluid ounces and is the perfect summer perfume. It is filled with fiery spicy note of soft moss, sweet vanilla and milk. This perfume is also 60% off so get it while you can!

Another eco-friendly fragrance line, this U.K.-born brand features compostable boxes, sustainably-sourced ingredients and some of the most spectacularly beautiful (and recyclable!) bottles we’ve ever laid eyes on. Our favorite, Neon Rose, blends rose and jasmine with bergamot, Sichuan pepper and pear for a fresh take on the classic fruity floral perfume.

This adorable eau de toilette from Marc Jacobs is as sweet as the name suggests thanks to raspberries, crystallized cloudberries, daisy tree petals, jasmine milk and sugar musk. Housed in a quirky flower flaçon, it will bring instant cheerfulness and positivity to any vanity.

This stress-relieving fragrance was created by scientists and wellness experts to help you be calm and reset. And though it’s supposed to be therapeutic, it doesn’t smell like crunchy granola aromatherapy oils — it’s composed of a delightful blend of iris, green cardamom and cilantro. It smells a lot better than any yoga class or meditation session we’ve been to, that’s for sure.

This is a heady blend of layered white florals — gardenia, tuberose, rose and orange blossom — combined with almond milk, iris, musk and ambrette seeds. The result: an addictive unique eau de parfum that will have everyone asking, “What are you wearing?”

The legendary perfumer behind this unique scent looked to famed ballet dancer Polina Semionova as his inspiration. Meant to evoke the precision, strength and grace required of a modern ballerina, it features fruity notes of pear, plum and mandarin, alongside lush florals jasmine, rose, violet and freesia — plus sensuous sandalwood to add depth.

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