Tourist books £100 a night Airbnb – but it turns out to be a shipping container on the side of the road

A BRITISH tourist who booked a £100 a night Airbnb in Amsterdam was shocked to discover that it was just a road-side shipping container.

Ben Speller, from London, had booked the one night stay through the house-sharing accommodation website on May 8.

The listing was for a "clean home in Amsterdam with private bathroom" that featured close up pictures of the bed.

Ben told Sun Online Travel: "I booked a clean home with private bathroom a few days before I went out there to watch the football.

"When we were on the train the guy messaged me saying there was a problem with the running water and do I want to cancel. I said no because we didn’t have an alternative at the time."

When he got to Amsterdam, Ben discovered that the "home" was actually just a bed in the container along with a portaloo that opened up directly onto the street.

He explained: "When we arrived we drove past the container three times in the taxi because couldn’t believe that could be it.

"I then checked the listing again and he’d changed it to container home."

Ben said they took one look at it before leaving and booking a £230 hotel instead.

Ben posted about their experience on social media, where other users found the story hilarious.

One person wrote: "Call that five star in Liverpool."

Another joked: "Well at least it's self container'd."

Ben said that when he asked for a refund, the owner refused, and told them they should be "thankful" that he had helped them out.

However, Airbnb refunded the £100 and the £230 for the hotel booking.

Dutch news website AT5 later went to the shipping container and found it empty, before it was towed away by the city.

An Airbnb spokesman told Sun Online Travel: "We have removed the host and listings from our platform. Misrepresented or fraudulent listings have no place on our platform, and our team works hard to constantly strengthen our defenses and stay ahead of bad actors.


"Over half a billion people have travelled on Airbnb and, with over 2 million guests checking into an Airbnb every single night, issues like this are incredibly rare.”

Sun Online Travel previously revealed how to avoid being scammed on Airbnb.

Guests should never pay off the platform even if hosts offer a cheaper deal or claim the website is broken.

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