The Instagram account packed with pictures of Belgium’s ugliest houses

When architects go wild: The hilarious Instagram account that’s packed with pictures of Belgium’s ugliest houses

  • Hannes Coudeneys has spent the past eight years snapping pictures of his homeland’s most peculiar homes 
  • He posts his hilarious images on his Instagram account, Ugly Belgian Homes, which has over 55,000 followers
  • But not everybody agrees with Hannes’s hobby. He says he gets a lot of hate mail and letters from lawyers 

Most Instagram accounts are packed with glossy pictures showing off the finer things in life.

But Belgian Instagrammer Hannes Coudenys prefers the ugly side. Specifically, houses in his homeland that are so wretchedly awful – it’s funny.

His Instagram account, called Ugly Belgian Houses, contains over 1,400 pictures of houses that are, well – peculiar.

The images and the witty comments that come with them have landed him over 55,000 followers. He has even released a book featuring his pictures called Ugly Belgian Houses: Don’t Try This At Home.

Hannes says that because the law in Belgium is quite liberal when it comes to house building unusual-looking houses can be quite common. So it looks like his subject matter isn’t about to run dry.

Not everyone is happy with his hobby, though. He adds: ‘I would say 90 per cent of Belgians are mad at me. I get a lot of hate mail and letters from lawyers.’ MailOnline Travel has featured some of his wacky images before. Here’s another eye-opening batch…

One of the bizarre-looking homes that has featured on the Instagram account Ugly Belgian Houses, run by Belgian blogger Hannes Coudenys

This bizarre-shaped stone built home, complete with two concrete birds sitting at the top, makes the cut for the account, which has 55,000 followers 

Rock on: This unusual-shaped house has been given the caption ‘Game of Stones’  

Hannes puts the large number of bizarrely designed homes in Belgium down to the fact the country has liberal laws when it comes to house building 


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