Idiot tourist has lucky escape after getting swallowed up by huge wave while posing for holiday snaps

A TOURIST in Bali had a narrow escape after being slammed by a huge wave while taking photographs.

The young woman was posing for holiday snaps with her arms out stretched in front of the water at a popular tourist spot called Devil's Tear.

The video, posted on Chinese social media, was captured by a fellow traveller on Nusa Lembongan island.

As the water slammed against the cliff, she smiled at the camera for the dramatic shot with the sea behind her.

Suddenly, a huge wave surged up and swallowed the tourist, with the force of the wave also slamming into the cameraman.

People watching could be heard screaming after she was knocked over and nearly swept to sea by the huge surge.

Thankfully the girl survived and was carried out by a man who was also on the rocks in another video posted to Instagram.

The account warned in the caption: "WARNING WARNING! Please like and share this video so more people understand how dangerous it is to stand this close!

"Please stop and be careful! You still have an amazing view 20m from the edge."

According to the Shanghaiist, she was left relatively unscathed with some bumps and bruises.

The man can be seen pouring water onto her wounds while she is soaking wet in her dress, looking slightly dazed.

Many social media users warned tourists to be careful, saying she was lucky to be alive.

One remarked: "Scary but people don't respect how powerful the ocean is, especially at the Devil's Tears."

Other tourists have fallen victim to the rocky terrain, with two Chinese tourists slipping down the cliff while taking selfies, according to Seminyak Times.

Another tourist in Bali has been slammed for slapping an immigration officer which was caught on video, followed by a tantrum when she was arrested.

Brits travelling to Bali should check their passports for any damage before heading to the airport.

A number of tourists have been stopped at the airport after their passport was deemed too damaged to travel with.

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