Bee & Willow is Bed Bath & Beyond's Surprisingly Affordable, Chic New Brand

It’s time to finally use all of those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons you’ve been stashing in your desk drawers and on top of the fridge for what seems like years now. That’s because the home goods retailer is branching out in a big way — they’ve announced Bee & Willow Home, their first of six private label home brands at the store. Target, you better watch out.

Bee & Willow includes everything from cleaning supplies (which start at $4.99) to furniture (which caps off at $999.99), and we love what we’re seeing so far.

We’re not the only ones getting total Hearth & Hand by Magnolia vibes, right? It’s the type of casually modern, rustic style that can be mixed and matched with the other items already in your home, and we love the signature pops of blue among the rest of the more neutrally-colored items.

The pricing is pretty comparable to Target’s more luxe brands, too. In the home goods section, there are lamps for about $40, $20 throw pillows, $10 candles and the like, along with more expensive furniture pieces and area rugs.

Previously, Bed Bath & Beyond has acted like a department store, focusing on selling items from other brands. It’ll be interesting to see how their model changes once they start introducing their own in-house items — will it still be the only place to find weirdly throwback Nautica bed-in-a-bags that remind you of your middle school boyfriend’s room? Or will all of that make way for Bee & Willow and the store’s five other upcoming brands?

Regardless, it seems wise that BB&B is changing up its game. When you can go to Amazon to buy pretty much any of the brands that the chain usually carries, why bother going to the store? But now that they’ll be slinging their own, apparently super tasteful and relatively affordable goods, it looks like Bed Bath & Beyond is about to get its groove back. I haven’t been so excited to give it a visit since I picked out my college dorm trash can and matching shower caddy.

The full Bee & Willow home collection is available now, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we get news about BB&B’s other new home lines.

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