Parents are boycotting Comic Relief’s £1.25 plastic red noses after discovering only 65p goes to charity – and claim they are ‘killing the planet’

However, this year people are boycotting buying the plastic novelty nose, after it was revealed that just 65p of the £1.25 product goes to charity and due to them not being “eco-friendly”.

Some UK schools are instead offering to paint red noses on children for a charity donation to ensure more money is raised for the charity.

Sir David Attenborough has praised pupils from Fourlanesend School in Cornwall who have ditched wearing the toy noses as they are made from single-use plastic.

This year Comic Relief is selling 11 different noses using plastic, and they argue they can be kept as “cherished toys” after the event.

The charity has pledged to up their recycling efforts this year and it is rumoured they are aiming to sell eco-friendly noses by 2021.

Red Nose Day at a glance…

  • Comic Relief was created in 1985 by filmmaker Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry
  • The first Red Nose Day telethon in 1988 raised £15 million and the last one in 2017 raised a whopping £82 million
  • This year's event sees celebrities taking part to raise money in;
  • Strictly Danceathon – Claudia and Tess will be dancing for 24 hours
  • Kilimanjaro: The Return – Dani Dyer is joined by Shirley Ballas and other celebs for the gruelling trek
  • Bodyguard – Richard Madden reprises his role for a one-off special
  • Four Weddings And A Funeral sequel – after the hugely successful reprisal in 2017 of Love Actually, Hugh Grant is back once more
  • To donate, visit

Speaking to the Sun Online, a spokesperson from Comic Relief said: "We encourage re-use as much as possible. Red Noses, for example, are collectible toys, and we encourage customers to re-purpose their Nose – that may be for a fancy dress accessory, art project or a game.

"For those who don’t want to keep their Noses, Sainsbury’s offers the opportunity to bring them back into store to be recycled.

"We recognise our responsibility to ensure that all of our campaign products which raise so much for good causes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

"In terms of our strategy moving forwards, we are working with our corporate partners and a responsible sourcing consultancy to explore alternatives and solutions for the future."

Is Red Nose Day on every year?

Comic Relief is a biennial event which means it only takes place every other year.

It used to be held annually until 2002 when Sport Relief was introduced.

Now, Comic Relief falls on odd years, whilst Sport Relief happens in even years – like 2018.

The next Red Nose Day will take place Friday March 15, 2019.

Comic Relief also explained that 65p from the sale of each nose goes to charity as the rest is spent on “production, shipping and distribution.”

They also stated that the official seller Sainsbury’s doesn’t profit from the sale of the noses or take any of the proceeds and noses can be recycled at supermarkets.

According to Comic Relief, over £120million has been raised by Sainsbury's from the sale of red noses and other merchandise in the past 20 years.

The charity claims 100 per cent of sale profits are put towards projects in the UK and worldwide.

The British charity was founded in 1985 and aims to raise money for poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and the world's poorest communities.

Many people have taken to social media to share why they are boycotting buying the red noses this year.

One person wrote: “Tomorrow is red nose day. Shame only 65p of the £1.25 actually goes to Comic Relief. Shame as well that the noses are made of plastic. #RedNoseDay2019 #plasticfree #plasticpollution #charity.”

Another Twitter user added: “Is it true that Comic Relief only get 65p from each red nose and that the majority of the noses end up in landfill as another piece of plastic? Why don’t you ask people to donate £1 and just paint their noses red instead?”

And one person commented: “Don’t buy a Red Nose it’s plastic and harmful to the planet and an outdated idea. Donate for comic relief without these!”

And a school wrote: “The noses sold by Comic Relief are single use, non-recyclable and only 65p goes to charity! Instead Have your nose painted for a donation of £1.25 ALL of which will go to Comic Relief. By having your nose painted, you also will be helping to reduce plastic pollution!”

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