Acne sufferers flood Instagram with before and after shots of their skin – and say the amazing transformations are all thanks to a £6 'miracle' soap you can get in the supermarket

Fans of Carbon Theory say it is the holy grail of skin care.

Lucy Tomlinson Wells, 23, from Nottingham, said her skin was much clearer after using the charcoal and tea tree oil cleansing bar by skincare start-up Carbon Theory.

Another fan wrote on her Instagram page: "I’ve lost count of all of the different topical creams, tablets and cleansing products etc.

"I used to try and clear it up and it wasn’t until I completely gave it all up and used nothing but a bar of soap that I saw a huge difference in my skin!

"I'm at a finally at a stage where I'm comfortable to be out with nothing on my face.”

In March Boots actually sold out of the product that many have claimed works "miracles" on their spot-ridden complexion.

But it is now being stocked in Waitrose – so don't worry!

Infused with organic charcoal that draws out bacteria and excess oil, the tea tree oil works as a natural antiseptic to reduce inflammation, while shea butter keeps the problem skin hydrated.

Impressed customers have flooded the Boots Instagram account, with many saying that the unique product has "changed [their] life" and that their skin has "never felt better".

One satisfied customer refers to the product as their 'holy grail'

For just £6, is there nothing this magic bar of soap doesn't do?

  • Carbon Theory Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Bar, £6 from Boots – buy now 

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