Lego Stranger Things set will turn your mind upside down

Netflix and Lego have teamed up to make the Byers’ house from Stranger Things and it might just be the coolest Lego set ever.

The likes of Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter are obvious themes to base a Lego set around, with all their iconic vehicles and buildings, but Stranger Things sounds like it would be a lot tougher to make interesting… but not with this set.

As you can see, it’s based on the Byers’ house from the first and second seasons but there’s two versions of it, both the normal one from our reality and the twisted version from The Upside Down alternate dimension.

You can build and display the two versions of the house separately, but the best bit is combining them together so one is a mirror image of the other – and because it’s Lego the minifigures still stick to the ‘floor’ even when they’re upside down.

‘I’m fortunate enough to be a massive fan of the series, I even dressed up as Eleven for Halloween’, senior model designer Justin Ramsden told

‘The obvious choice for us was to make the house, because it features in season one and two so heavily. But then we thought, what could be that exciting twist that we use to turn it into a Lego set?’

‘The set’s designed in quite a fun way, where you can build the real world and the Upside Down simultaneously, if there’s a group of you, kind of like the kids from the show. Then the trees secure it all in place, which creates this unusual effect, which has never really been seen before in Lego, where you’re actually building something upside down.’

With a 16+ age suggestion, the set is clearly aimed more at older Lego fans, with hundreds turning up at a midnight signing last night at the Lego Store in Leicester Square, London.

‘Building Lego every day sounds great but if it was always the same sort of thing even that would get dull’, says Ramsden. ‘So when you get to build Lego in completely new ways, that’s what excites me and that’s what keeps the job fresh and makes me excited for the next set to work on.’

The Upside Down set has 2,287 pieces and that includes minifigures of Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin; as well as Eleven, Chief Hopper, Joyce Byers, and the Demogorgon.

The house itself has lots of details from the show, including Will’s bedroom (with a Legofied Jaws poster), a drawing of Will the Wise, the all-important telephone, and the alphabet wall that has a special light-up brick so you can spell out a message from the other side.

Once built, the set measures over 12” (32cm) tall, 17” (44cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep, although you can display it either way up or even separate the two houses out to display side-to-side. There’s also a police car for Chief Hopper.

Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down (set number 75810) is released today, 15 May, for £179.99 and is available from any Lego store or the Lego Shop website.

The third season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix from 4 July, 2019.

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