Nick Knowles: ‘That voice was amazing’ DIY SOS star speaks out on secret ‘sexy crush’

Former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant Nick Knowles, 56, laughed as he revealed he once had a crush on the animated Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny. The presenter made the odd admission while sat next to actress Miriam Margolyes, 77, who voiced the bunny in the 1977 advert. Revealing all, Nick said: “I had a crush on that bunny and it really worried me for a long time because it was such a sexy bunny.” He then turned to Miriam and said: “That voice was amazing.”

I had a crush on that bunny and it really worried me

Nick Knowles

Host Alex added: “Well you’re sat next to the bunny.”

Miriam then joked: “It must be hard for you to realise what I am really like,” prompting Nick to laugh.

Matt Baker then asked Miriam if she had fun voicing the bunny, to which she responded: “I did have fun but it is quite difficult to be sexy at 9 o’clock in the morning in the studio.”

During the chat, Nick also made a secret career announcement, telling hosts: “It’ll come out in 10 years.”

Nick revealed his “low voice” features on a popular dance track, but refused to spill on which one.

When quizzed about the song, Nick said the track would no longer be cool if people knew he was on it.

He made the admission after discussing the release of his unexpected number one album.

He said: “Weirdly, there’s another track out there that’s got my voice on it and people don’t know that I’m on it.

“But I can’t tell you which one it is.”

Fishing for further details, Alex added: “Come on, you can’t leave it there!”

Nick added if he revealed the identity of the song, it would instantly lose its “cool” factor.

He continued: “The reason I can’t [reveal the song] is because it’s a dance track that’s actually out and people are bouncing up and down in clubs all over the world to it at the moment.

“They’re a very cool band and if people knew it was my voice, because I’ve got a very deep voice, it wouldn’t be cool any longer!

“So I promised that I’d never tell people,” laughing he added: “It will come out in 10 years time probably.”

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