Katie Piper backs Daily Mirror’s anti-knife campaign and says ‘education is key’

TV star Katie Piper is backing the Daily Mirror’s anti-knife campaign.

Katie, 35, said: “It’s getting younger and younger.

"The moment it becomes normalised like that, action needs to be taken. I think it’s great what the Mirror are doing.”

And the former model, who has been working with a police officer for Channel 4’s Famous and Fighting Crime, says education in schools is vital to stopping the blight.

She said: “It’s actually working with potential perpetrators before they are perpetrators and looking at their social backgrounds – what messages are happening in their own home.

“Because it’s prevention rather than the aftermath.”

Katie, who was attacked with acid in 2008, says her respect for the police grew after her stint.

She adds: “They deal with a lot of mental health and unexpected things.

"It’s difficult because they are already under strain.”

Knife crime is currently at a ten-year high in the UK.

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