Jennifer Aniston is turning 50 – but why you shouldn’t feel sorry for her

Jennifer Aniston ate the same lunch every single day for the 10 years Friends filmed.

There is a certain kind of person who will roll their eyes and find that completely tedious… and a different kind of person who will find it utterly endearing, and be genuinely interested in what that lunch was.

To the former, get lost, Team Angelinas. To the latter, hello lovely Team Anistons.

And also – a Cobb salad.

Jen is celebrating her 50th birthday today and I bet her real-life mates – as opposed to the rest of the world who just feel like we know her – struggled to find the perfect present.

Not because she is probably the personification of the woman who has everything, plus presumably has extremely high-end, aka high-budget, taste.

But the main reason it would be hard to get Jennifer Aniston the ideal gift is because it’s not available in stores, or online, or anywhere.

It’s obvious what Jen would like most, at this stage in her life.

The best thing you could give her is for no one in the world to ever feel sorry for her again just because she’s not married with children. So simple, yet apparently unattainable.

Because it’s not like she hasn’t come right out and asked for it. Time and time again, she has reminded us she’s happy, healthy and in a great place.

She has pointed out the truth that it’s in­­sulting to insinuate a woman is only complete if she has a bloke and kids. She has made fun of her Poor Jen image and said how far away it is from who she really is.

In a recent interview she said, “What brings me happiness? I have a great job. I have a great family. I have great friends. I have no reason to feel otherwise.”

But despite this – and the fact she’s rich, successful and living the kind of glamorous, exciting life that’s beyond most of our wildest dreams – we insist on believing she must be unhappy.

Can you imagine how annoying that must be? Her marriage to Brad Pitt ended in 2005… she has endured nearly 15 years of unwanted sympathy.

But don’t start feeling sorry for her for that now!

Just stop it.

It’s her 50th birthday, so let’s cancel the pity party and celebrate instead.

No one ever say Poor Jen again, unless it’s the start of a sentence that ends “another drink”.

And let’s all agree to be excited about what she’s going to do next – as opposed to who.

Happy birthday, Jen.

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