Bad Blood All Gone? Katy Perry Says She’s “Open, Open, Open” to a Collab with Longtime Rival Taylor Swift

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight backstage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Katy Perry said she would be open to collaborating with the Taylor Swift. “I’m open! Open, open, open!” she said, imitating the robot that she plays in the video for “365,” her current single with Zedd. Later, Katy added, “I’m a loveable A.I.!”

Now, it is possible that Katy was just goofing for the camera. Her feud with Taylor has been one of the biggest in all of pop music history, allegedly beginning while the two were still friends and several backup dancers on Taylor’s tour were enticed to leave her tour to dance for Katy. That, many say, led to Taylor’s obsession with creating a loyal “squad” and the “Bad Blood” era of taking every opportunity to shade Katy whenever possible.

But, recently, as Katy has matured, she has been leaving hints that she might like to heal the rift between the two pop icons. A little less than a year ago, Katy reportedly sent Taylor an (actual) olive branch with a letter that began “Hey Old Friend,” which Taylor acknowledged with a pic and a “Thank you Katy” on her Instagram Stories.

Still, burying the hatchet would be one thing. Working together would take things to an entirely new level.

We have video from the ET interview below.

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