THIS Is the Secret to Kate Beckinsale's Glowy Skin (and It's Not the "Penis Facial")

THIS Is the Secret to Kate Beckinsale’s Glowy Skin (and It’s Not the “Penis Facial”)

Contrary to what you may have read on the internet, you don’t need to slather your face with liquefied cells of a baby’s foreskin (also known as the “penis facial”) to get Kate Beckinsale’s skin. Instead, at least according to her longtime facialist Kát Rudu, there are a few other, more regular treatments she does you can try first.

It’s worth noting that while Beckinsale may look like she hasn’t aged in 20 years, her skincare routine certainly has: “I was first introduced to Kate by P!nk about eight years ago — they were out, and P!nk told her she should come see me, and sure enough she did,” said Rudu. “Back then, she saw me to help with dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, and give her a plump look.”

These days, though, it’s more about upkeep. “She is a very busy lady, so I go to her based on her schedule every couple of months,” she said, adding that there are three go-to treatments she typically sticks with. The first is microneedling (which “closes the pores, brightens the skin, and gives beautiful clarity”), followed by red light therapy (“because it’s calming on the skin, and since she’s an actress and is always wearing makeup, it helps remove any redness or inflammation”), and finally, gentle microdermabrasion.

Now, any time you start blaming Beckinsale’s glow-up on that big d*ck energy — facial or otherwise — you’ll be reminded: “We have always done natural and clean remedies,” said Rudu. “Kate is obsessed with taking care of herself and has always been good with her skin.”

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